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  • Raghav Sand

Pursuit of Calmness

Peace of mind should be your number one priority; organize everything else around it. The duck seems calm on the surface, but it is paddling to stay afloat and move ahead. Calmness has health benefits, and it also helps to cope with life in a better manner. We cannot control the events, while we can decide to not be reduced by them. Philosophical books and spiritual guides convey valuable life teachings and are a good starting point for attaining calm. Once you embark on the journey and slowly gain awareness about the true purpose of your existence, life attains new dimensions.

The idea of giving up all material belongings to pursue harmony with nature and your inner self is outdated. Amenities and objects have a defined purpose. Peace and tranquility are within reach from your current vantage point. Trying to do things the difficult way doesn’t bear fruit earlier.

To understand this concept better, let us take the example of Lord Buddha. Siddhartha, as he was known since birth and before attaining enlightenment, was born in a royal family. He had a comfortable life as a prince, but never got enslaved by the indulgences. Wealth and luxury could not bring happiness to Siddhartha. Subsequently, the young prince tried to pursue a life of recluse. Once again, he was nowhere close to the answers of his discontent. All this churning made Buddha realize that, to attain peace one should follow the middle path.

Choice: The Vaccine for Peaceful Life

Every moment we are making choices. Somewhere around the early teenage years, most people start to make distinction between alternatives. Whether it is the selection of friends, or the activity that should be done in spare time, habits start to form even before we realize it. Curiosity and carelessness are teachers in their own way. If mistakes are reasonable and not repeated, they should not be demonized. Error of judgement can be of all shapes and sizes. Support from parents, siblings and mentors helps in overcoming a traumatic experience.

You Can be a Superhero!

The power of letting go can be one of your superpowers. In a nutshell, letting go means, to stop thinking about or being angry about the past or something that happened in the past. Easier said than done, of course. Often, it is your psychology that is creating a roadblock for you to move ahead in life. An event or person, in your subconscious has been sapping vital resources, which could otherwise be allocated to a positive and productive endeavour. You don’t matter to the person who made a rude and disrespectful remark against you. The question you should be asking yourself is, ‘Am I living to please others?’

Opportunity rarely rises with blood pressure. Feeling of anger, frustration and hatred are known to cause cardiovascular disorders. By looking at a situation with a positive frame of mind, we give ourselves the best chance to solve problems. The synergy of purposeful human action creates limitless possibilities.

More and Less

Every now and then we have to re-engineer old ways and transition to new practices. Make time to acknowledge the goodness around you and express gratitude. Inculcate the habit to be more compassionate and slowly learn to become less judgmental. Hopefully, you will have more time and energy at disposal, which can be invested for common good. It is important to break the chain of bad behaviour by not dumping impolite gestures and words on others.

If you have toxic people in your family or social circle, learn to be diplomatic and pragmatic. That exchange of words playing in your mind will not be worth it. Staying calm is highly recommended; it is far better than an angry outburst. Be the better person; crass people deserve far less attention than you have been giving them. Explore new friendships and relations. Approach with caution, but don’t be overcautious. Calmness builds self-confidence. When you are selective with people, they realize you demand certain civility and dignity in discourse.

Breathing consciously throughout the day, avoiding futile arguments, chewing food slowly and keeping your work and living space clean are some of the ways which can help you to stay calm. Whatever is stopping you from finding peace right now, evaluate whether it will matter after a week, month, year, or decade. Chances are, on most occasions, stress is a figment of your imagination. Before trying extravagant things to attain serenity, give simple actions a fair chance.

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