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The Know-how Journal® is an Endeavour to Decipher® the signal from the noise without any favour or fear. Clarity, sincerity, diversity, civility, and humility are our core guiding principles.

Everything from our name, tagline, and logo is created with simplicity in mind. The tree at the top represents growth which emanates from knowledge. The tagline keeps reminding us to have a meticulous and industrious approach to all our pursuits in unraveling the travesty in our world. Consultation, cooperation, collaboration, and conversation are the foundation of our operations.

News and views are shared after research and deliberation. The promptness, agility, and nimbleness shall be balanced with correctness, and fact-checking. In the pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency, it is our earnest effort to create a positive influence, and encourage rational discourse. For any feedback email us at

About the Founder

Raghav Sand started The Know-how Journal® in September 2020, and has since written 200-plus articles. In his eight years of work experience at different roles with varied job responsibilities, he has learnt to appreciate the significance of positive and purposeful work. Raghav can be reached at

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