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  • Raghav Sand

The New World (dis) Order

Our world is evolving everyday and geo-political developments are at the forefront. The changes in dynamics between neighbours and trade partners is apparent. Some of the events are long over due and others have been undertaken to change the status quo.

Abraham Accords

In all the chaos widespread in recent times, the Middle East, a transcontinental region in Afro-Eurasia, is working on peace deal. Israel has been at the center of all these developments. Due to the constant bloodshed caused by sectarian and ethnic conflicts, this promising and resource rich region has seen patchy development. A whole generation has been left to engage in both covert and overt operations. This was a time when majority of the world population climbed the ladder of economic development.

United Arab Emirates led the charge this year and became only the third country in the region, after Egypt and Jordan, to recognise Israel. Subsequently, Bahrain became the fourth nation in the region to arrive at an agreement with Israel. The violent past of the region deserves a chance at peace, and for once these nations can be spared from being made pawns in the global tug of war.

Silent Observer

If we were to move further west from the desert region, we will enter the continent of Europe. This union of nations is lacking a leader. Ms Merkel, the German chancellor, is not her usual self anymore. French President Macron is occupied with something or the other domestically. This is also the time when Brexit negotiations seem to be going nowhere and the parties involved should brace themselves for a ‘no deal’.

Perennial Land of Promise

Africa is one of the most under covered continents in the world in terms of news coming out of there. There is more to this continent than Nigeria and South Africa or for that matter jungle safaris. Their issues are pressing, and require immediate global attention. Access to clean water, women and child safety, and education require relentless and coordinated effort from anyone who cares for a better world. In the decades to come, Africa will have a sizeable proportion in the world population. The world community cannot let countries and corporations with predatory mindset write the future of this continent.

Preoccupied States of America

United States is heading in to the quadrennial Presidential elections. This will occupy the attention of their leaders for at least the coming quarter. Their trade agreement / disagreement with China has been one step forward and two steps back.


China has a completely different agenda in the current times. It is making every possible effort to use the current pandemic to tick boxes. At a time when nations have been grappling with keeping rate of infections down, China is leaving no stone unturned to assert regional superiority. Drills in South China sea have enraged and endangered smaller nations in the region. The methodical menace it has unleashed across the Himalayan region with India is nothing short of deceit.

As more and more nations look inwards in all spheres of life, there has never been a bigger vacuum in global leadership. Statesmanship is undoubtedly the need of the hour.

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